There are tons of money transfer apps that you can use, but it can be confusing to figure which is the best one to use. Luckily, there is no need to worry. Here is a quick look at the 5 best money transfer apps of 2021 that you should use. 


PayPal is a payment giant that has secured itself a reliable and secure payment method, like PayPal offers a fairly loose limit on your transactions, and it offers simple ways to select the recipients for when you want to send money. It is an excellent option if you want to shop online since most online merchants accept PayPal as a payment method. It offers tight security measures to keep its users safe.

Another bonus is that it is free to send money to family members and friends. It is relatively easy for anyone to use, too. However, there are charges for debit card transfers and the fees can greatly vary based on how much you are sending and how quickly you want the transfer completed.

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Venmo is the go-to app for younger generations to send money to each other, and even some businesses are accepting payments through Venmo. Venmo offers an instant transfer option that takes 30 minutes or less to transfer funds, making it more convenient for people to receive funds. Venmo offers fun social features, which are convenient for roommates who frequently split bills with each other. It is an excellent option for everyday people who want to make small and quick transfers.


Moving onto international transfers, WorldRemit is an easy and secure payment method to send cash abroad. It offers its services to over 150 countries, and the transfers can get received as an airtime top-up, mobile credit, cash pickup, or bank deposit. WorldRemit’s processing usually only takes minutes, so it offers near-instant transfers. Plus, you will get regular notifications about when your money arrives in its destination. However, WorldRemit does not have a fixed rate, so you will need to regularly check that before you make transfers.

Western Union

Western Union is a convenient app to use for both domestic and international transfers. A great bonus of Western Union is that it offers trackable transactions, so you can keep an eye on your transfers; you can see when the cash gets processed, collected, then completed. It also has multiple payment methods that its users can use, and it has tons of handy shortcuts that its users can use when they make transfers. 


Xoom offers some of the lowest rates for international money transfers, making it a big competitor in the game. Xoom does charge you based on the foreign exchange rate and it does charge transaction fees, but the overall costs are relatively low compared to other international money transfer services. Plus, Xoom has money-back guarantees.

Are you tired of wondering what money transfer app is good to use? You can use the information listed above to see which money transfer app works for you. 

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